Cloub Based Custom KPI Webapplication Development

Cloud based custom KPI Web Application Development

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Custom KPI Webapplication Development

Cloud based custom KPI Web Application & Apps Development

A KPI refers to a set of measurements reflecting the performance or success of an organization in terms of progress of its goals. We are focusing on KPI’s that measure the effectiveness of an business operations & processes. The Cloud based KPI Web Application & Mobile Apps will show Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to analyse performance. It is displayed on the app as performance meters where you can see at a glance the status of the organisation. Relevant KPIs are defined for the organisation to allow the periodic indicators to be passed on by the app. Company can customize relevant reports & graphs according to the process and type of the organization. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the backbone of business. They are the used at various levels to help them understand whether their business is on the right track for success, or equally identify where improvements need to be made or attention needs to be focused. KPI software basically is a tool that businesses use to get a quick overview of how their business is doing. KPI software to many businesses are the lifeblood of which direction they are headed.

Client can then indicate what information is displayed and in what form :

  • Indicators of Success
  • Can be Presented Through Rates
  • Required Comparison

Why web based KPI Application is so important to every kind of business :

  • The main reason web based KPI Application is so important is to “Increase the Productivity and Profitability”.
  • Another reason why web based KPI Application is so important is that these are the foundation upon which we can build more focused KPI’s. Once we have a set of measurements reflecting the performance or success of an organization are in place we can drill down into metrics and make data driven decisions for our organization
  • Mobile Apps provide real time alerts on over usage, key performance indicator changes, critical health of the inventory and so on. This alerts and notifications unable key CXO and management people to take immediate actions without having to wait for the full report at the end of business cycle.

Why choose to develop & move to cloud based custom KPI application to manage Key performance indicators for your business:

The aim of a KPI software is to bring about improvement based on performance analysis of past data. But with the amount of data that businesses and organisations generate it is important that you choose the right measures and indicators. With that in mind KPIs must be aligned to the overall company strategy and objectives.

Get KPI right and business performance will improve. Get them wrong and you can drive behavioural change that focuses on delivering results on a specific measurement that has no overall positive impact on the business.

The important reason why we should choose our KPI software to manage performance of our business is that our KPI application can analyse many things to help you take decisions about our business. KPI reports will consist of reports, spreadsheets, charts and trends. One of the hardest part in business is to see what the future will look like as far as sales and business. KPI software can help give you an idea what it may look like based on the data from the past.

Cloud based KPI advantages :

Having your KPI software accessible online via a cloud based version has following main advantages :

  • Ease of Use: The biggest advantage of Cloud based KPI is it is easy to use and update.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: It’s simple to provide more processing or storage resources as your requirements change as everything is in cloud.
  • Real Time Data: Our solution is tightly coupled with your database so you can get complete, accurate and real time analysis and notifications
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps: Check performance, results and Analysis on the fly in your smart phone.
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