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To outdo the challenges of constant market change, businesses must be ‘changeable’ too. It means that they should have the agility to spot and grasp opportunities fast, introduce new products as required, revamp the business processes and create new business models. Businesses must deal with a bigger part of the challenge in order to boost the enterprise agility.


Spaculus team uses Agile project development methodology to create robust web and mobile app solutions. It is important to work with Agile techniques in large scale projects and we are the best in it. Using this proven method, distributing the entire big project into smaller sprints allow rapid and planned productions. We are the best in converting the whole project into Scrum and Kanban for excellent and timely work delivery. At Spaculus, proper planning tools and project management software are been used to track the progress and quality of the work.

This when combined with DevOps practices, we ensure our clients with the automated, collaborative and fast feedback processes. Our DevOp expert teams make sure to utilize proper platforms for smoother work especially when the project involves multiple teams working from different locations.

Agile & DevOps combination is considered the best which provides an end-to-end view of the production and the value chain. We help you in making systematic changes via rapid iterations which is enabled by intelligent automation.

Count on Spaculus’ integrated services to help you sail across the Agile and DevOps lifecycle – right from advisory to transformation and finally execution.


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Respond to streaming customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge

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Accelerate the pace of alteration and simultaneously improve standards

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Serve the multitude of emerging devices & platforms

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Reduce cost and get rid of errors across the entire lifecycle

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Find your desired result by scaling up or ramping down globally, based on your needs

Agile and DevOps


DevOps Organisational Consulting - Interpret a business-driven strategy for getting maximum advantage of agile methodologies and validating a DevOps approach.

Cooperating Environment - Leverage a consolidated environment to optimize productivity amongst all the multiple and parallel teams & projects.

CI/CT/CD Automation Tools - Build a state-of-the-art DevOps toolchain to speed up a continuous solution integration, testing and delivery process.

CI/CT/CD Practices - Proven methods to run specific tools and testing, maintain applications and ensuring all the security needs.

Joint Development Governance – Make sure your capability to leverage Agile & DevOps plans to bring real value to your business.

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.


Transitioning to Agile and DevOps can be successful if you work with a trusted partner like Spaculus who excel in this and can seamlessly overcome any challenges related to technology, the structure of the organization, process and culture. Our services enable you to

Improve the efficiency with automated processes and smooth-running operations.

Speed up time-to-market with enhanced service deployment frequency.

Manage shorter service lifecycle period and quickly adapt to ever-changing market demands.

Constantly innovate the development process.

Supply quick, superior quality services to customers with automated testing.

When it comes to the development of complex web and mobile application development – you need to get it right the first time. Contact Spaculus at +1-323-250-0506 for the worry-free solutions!

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