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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the robust availability, security, and efficient performance businesses seek in a Cloud Computing platform. Spaculus is an expert in managing your company’s AWS cloud platform and assist in taking your organization to the desired goal.

With our comprehensive managed IT solutions, AWS cloud management services provide your business some of the best perspectives which are appropriate for your business’ computing platforms. As AWS is a strong and complicated system, you will appreciate seeking the assistance from a project manager which gives you a singular point of contact to make sure that your AWS platform is deployed and managed in such a way that it fulfils your organizational needs.

Lean On Us to Help You Utilize The Power of AWS

At Spaculus, our goal is to make your cloud deployment with Amazon Web Services (AWS) a successful one. In order to achieve this, we help you to navigate the AWS’s suite of powerful cloud infrastructure services and simultaneously, help with your cloud strategy for getting the most out of your investment. This is revealed through our proven track record of successful cloud application development and infrastructure migrations.

Our Services Include

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Deployment services

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Backup/Restore Management

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Security Management

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Disaster Recovery

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Log Management

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Audit Management

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Optimization for AWS

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Earlier, making large investments in purchasing hardware, maintenance and upgrades, was vital for thriving entities which rely on technology. But not anymore! Thanks to the arrival of cloud computing platforms and services. Almost all type of businesses, in one way or another, rely on Amazon Web Services to improve their efficiency and gain profit.

AWS has been proving itself as one of the best providers of the Cloud Services. However, in order to implement and migrate to the Cloud, one requires deep knowledge about technology, features and functionalities of the Cloud environment. Hence, it is essential for you to be careful while choosing the vendors of AWS. Experts at Spaculus extend their support for you in implementing AWS cloud management services in your organization.

Amazon Web Services

Features of AWS Platfrom

Easy To Use - AWS is allowing quick and secured hosting of the applications using the AWS Management Console or web service APIs

Flexible - You receive a practical environment which lets you load all the software and services your application needs.

Cost Effective - Pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources that your organization requires.

Reliable - With AWS, you get an advantage of a scalable, more reliable and a global computing infrastructure.

Scalable & High Performance - Your application can scale up or down according to the demand and you have access to calculate and store resources when you need them.

Secure - End-to-end approach in order to secure and harden the infrastructure along with some physical and operational measures.

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.

How We Can Help You With AWS Cloud Management Services?

Provide infrastructure and application migration to AWS which includes your internal data center, or any other public cloud provider.

Deployment of brand new infrastructure and applications.

Automation of the cloud infrastructure with the use of latest tools from AWS and third-party cloud providers.

With AWS, you get an advantage of a scalable, more reliable and a global computing infrastructure.

Cloud managed services to add or expand your existing teams.

Big data services which allow your cloud applications to stream, store and process huge amount of data.

Offer cloud security and compliance by implementing best practices.

Manage Cloud Services at Your Fingertips

We are the best AWS cloud managed service provider. Feel free to give us a call at +1-323-250-0506 or send us an email at to resolve any query related to AWS services.

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