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In Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), the advanced algorithm is used to process the data that will compile from your voice, filter out background noise and also learn your voice pattern in real-time. This will allow the program to understand what you are saying with the great accuracy. ASR recognizes different voices and accents and converts dictated speech into written text. ASR has become popular in the large corporations for customer service departments, government agencies and other organizations.

How Businesses Can Use ASR Systems

The ASR technology can be used by many large and small businesses. ASR developed applications do all the complex work by itself without any human assistance and hence can solve the customer's queries in no time. This can save many expenses including employee management.

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.

Key Features

Powerful real-time speech recognition Automatically identify what is being discussed, even from lower quality audio, across a variety of audio formats and programming interfaces (HTTP REST, WebSocket, Asynchronous HTTP).

Highly accurate speech ability Customize your model to improve accuracy for language and reorganization of different speakers.

Custom Vocabulary Gives you the ability to add new words to the base vocabulary and generate highly-accurate transcriptions specific such as product names, domain-specific terminology or names of individuals.

Voice command and control Allows end users to enter, edit and correct text by voice, command and control the application by voice and transcribe from audio recordings.

Spaculus brings ASR application to life. Spaculus has ASR experts having years of experience in delivering intelligent solutions to our customers. We are the leading company in developing the advanced speech to text software application for private and public sectors. Our vision for a voice is all about context and healthy competition. Best of all, interactions will be simple and rapid; no more shifting through endless options.

We would love to help you in bringing your next voice-enabled app. Excited about getting solutions for all your cumbersome voice application? Let’s get in touch and know more about our services!

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