Mobile Application For People Who Love To Eat And Cook Food

Notaliho brings together those people who love to cook creative, ethnic, original and unique foods and brings them together with those who enjoy great cuisine. Finally, the alternative to over-priced, under-staffed, over-cooked, under-achieved, and over-hyped restaurant food. Notaliho brings the people who have a passion for cooking together with those who have a passion for authentic ethnic cuisine made by those who celebrate food. Whether you want to cook great food or enjoy great food, once you have tried Notaliho there is no going back to restaurants.

Business Challenge

The main purpose of this application is to facilitate the food lovers who like to eat good food and cook too. This application also provides a facility for booking a specific cook for a specific cuisine. Users can also book an appointment with the experts and can learn and cook on a specific date and time. User can also share their cooked recipes with others.

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Objective-C & Java

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MySQL (5.6.37)

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PHP (5.6.32)

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Paypal, Skrill & Bank Account Payment Gateway


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Notaliho helps us fish out food lover and cooks. Instead of visiting a restaurant, why not invite a cook at home

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Book a cook, learn and cook with him some exquisite cuisines

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Review the cuisines as a token of appreciation for the cook

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Easy to use booking system helps to find a cook easily

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Multiple mode of payment make life easier for doing transactions


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