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A Web Application To Manage Performance of Business Using KPI

This web application, provides the latest and most sophisticated business analysis in the Automotive Recycling Industry. It is compatible with both Pinnacle Professional and Power link 2 inventory management systems. This application combines automated and manual entry data collection with formulas that analyze the performance of the entire company. Analytics focus on each facet of the company: Personnel, Buying, Inventory, Income, Sales Activity, Operations, and Financial. Most of the data will come from the Inventory Management System. Some data such as personnel count and cost, number of bays and routes run per day will need to be manually entered. KPI graphs gives instant analytics that allow the company to quickly keep tabs on the most critical areas of the business. Owners and managers can see when progress or problems are occurring. Analysis can be run for a specific time or year-to-year comparisons and create sub accounts with limited access for lower level managers. This application also allows profit teams and owner’s groups to view each other’s performance.

Business Challenge

The main purpose of a KPI software is to bring about improvement based on performance analysis of past data. But with the amount of data that businesses and organizations generate it is important that you choose the right measures and indicators. With that in mind KPIs must be aligned to the overall company strategy and objectives. The important reason why we should choose our KPI software to manage performance of our business is that our KPI application can analyze many things to help you take decisions about our business. KPI reports will consist of reports, spreadsheets, charts and trends. One of the hardest part in business is to see what the future will look like as far as sales and business. KPI software can help give you an idea what it may look like based on the data from the past.

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HTML, CSS, Windows Application with C#

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MySQL (5.6.37), PostgreSQL, SQL

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PHP (5.5.38)

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PayPal Payment System


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Web based KPI Application is important as it helps to boost up “Productivity and Profitability”

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Ease of Use: The biggest advantage of Cloud based KPI is it is easy to use and update

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Flexibility and Scalability: It’s simple to provide more processing or storage resources as your requirements change as everything is in cloud

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Real Time Data: Our solution is tightly coupled with your database so you can get complete, accurate and real time analysis and notifications


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