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A Web Application To Enhance Customer-to-Business Relationship

The system is specifically developed to provide assistance for road side vehicle breakdown. Just dial the helpline number and get instant assistance. This application gathers all the information regarding the customer location and instantly tracks using Google. This application manages both inbound and outbound jobs. Inbound process includes the calls which are received and gets registered. It records all the required customer details and create the job on the system. The job is then passed to an Outbound Controller for on-going job allocation and management. The Outbound process is where the management of the job is taken over by a different person in the call center who manages the allocation of the job to specific van, locates actual stock items for the job and manages any authorization process as required.

Business Challenge

The main purpose of this application is to track the jobs (vehicle) and troubleshoot problems and provide information required by the caller. A call center is a central hub that links a customer and an organization together. It gives customers quick access to the information they want and enhances customer-to-business relationships. This application can easily answer calls and respond, handle Caller inquiries, it can do research on required information using available resources. Resolution of complaints and manage/provide the necessary information by the caller is easily handled. This system also maintains all call information according to standard operating procedures and produce call reports.

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.NET Framework 3.5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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Oracle 10g


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Easy to monitor all jobs and there current status. (Suspend, Cancel, Assign, Completed)

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Decrease call abandonment, this results in less frustration and happier customers. This improves your service and your entire business is improved and more profitable. This makes life easier for you, your employees and those that you serve

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Call Center Software gives managers the information they need to make strategic decisions at any point of time

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Management programs allow you to track Employee/Driver information. This tells how efficiently they are using their time. You know which people are performing and which ones are simply along for the ride

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Considering the benefits that proper call center scheduling can deliver includes, increased customer satisfaction, optimal performance, increased efficiency – an investment in such a solution is worth investigation.


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