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"We’ve found your staff most accommodating and am greatly relieved to have someone doing our Web development and Maintenance work. We are glad to hire you on Contract for all out IT development, maintenance and Internet marketing work. The team that you have dedicated is really awesome and I would love to work with them always. You guys have great leadership qualities with a mix of excellent project management. You work with greater efficiency and at much lower cost than when we did it in-house.
Outsourcing our management was a new idea to us - one which we hadn’t even considered until your presentation; I’m glad you called and I’m even more glad we took you up on it.
Thanks - and keep up the good work..."
- Richard Fisher
"I am fully satisfied by Spaculus team. They are very reactive and do not count their time to satisfy their clients.
They are professional and very cost effective regarding time spent on my project. I warmly recommend Spaculus and especially Victor and Robert, who are nice and always available."
- Claire Burjony
"I have looked at scope of work that was done efficiently a few weeks ago to get us back on track and have been highly pleased with the foundation that was laid making it possible to be where we are now. Thanks everyone again for their hard work. I will grant you all with a bonus"
- Mike Brewer
"Thanks so much Hiren. The functionality is fantastic!!!!!! I love it :) :) :)
And it looks so good as a smaller platform. I am very, very happy at the work you guys have done
Thanks again - and pass my thanks to your team too :)"
- Lisa Berg
"I can honestly tell you that I am truly blessed to have met Robert, Victor, and Hiren.
They are currently developing our website along with multiple apps.
I have found it real easy to communicate our vision with them. Even better, they understand our vision so much it has enabled them to brainstorm with us to develop our vision further than we had.
If you are looking for a company that takes a personal interest in your success, Spaculus is a good choice."
- Miguel Roland
Spaculus was slightly more expensive than other quotes; secondly the project was in my view a small to medium scale project compared to some other initiatives we’ve got going. However we decided to go with them or these reasons:
  • They engaged me very well with frequent communication a updates.
  • They stick to commitments
  • I worked with two gents called Victor and Hiren, who both has the ability to understand what I want, and then develop that. (I’ve had bad experiences previously with other companies and developers that start well, but when you get the project delivered, it’s not exactly what you wanted.) This would be the biggest reason for us to continue working with them as changes are very costly once something started going in the wrong direction, which these guys made sure it doesn’t.
  • I’d rather pay little more for service and reliability, than to pay less for a project team that communicates poorly and disappears half-way through.
  • I’ve already asked them for more quotes already as I consider them a preferred partner now that can cost effectively and quickly develop what we want."
- Cassie Schwartz
"Professional, Reliable and Friendly company to work with. Project was completed with out any hassle, helpful staff available any time of the day. Will recommend to anyone who would want to use Spaculus . A+++ looking forward to working with them again."
- Hameed Sameem
"Over the years, I have worked with many designers and programmers and IÂ’ve had some good experiences, some bad experiences and some OK experiences. However, I have never had an excellent experience. That is until I partnered up with Spaculus. These guys are amazing and they provide excellent service. Not only do they have amazing design and programming skills but their customer support is really spot on. Whenever I had a question, day or night, one of their team leads answered it promptly. If any changes needed to be made, their team took care of it as soon as they could. Throughout the entire design process, they kept me updated on changes and there was never any question that they would do what they said they would do. I am very pleased with my new site and will continue to use Spaculus for ALL of my web design projects. They are definitely an incredible team, my team, and I highly recommend their services! Thanks Team Spaculus for a job well done!"
- Kristi Hoffmann
"By outsourcing IT development to Spaculus Software Services it has also relieved our extra job in IT, thus leaving us free to concentrate on appraising, marketing and securing other business works. They do the work with expediently, appropriately and with clarity. We look forward to continuing this partnership into the New Year and beyond. You guys communicate efficiently and on time. Don't you ever sleep?"
- Laura Cruz

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