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A Web Application That Manage Sales and Marketing Activities

This CRM based application deals with Customer database where it is possible to store information concerning car owners including data on their service expenditures, preferences in vehicle models and on the stage of engagement into company's activities. This application contains appointment scheduler where the data on all the meetings with customers are entered including follow up calls, test drives and e-mail correspondence. Consequently, it is easier to plan future appointments. Contact management system serves to record necessary contact information of customers in an accessible place. This system can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

Business Challenge

The main purpose to build this application for automobile company is to provide a 100 % safe and secure solution which maintains all the information ranging from customer name to the car insurance number in a single secure location. Automotive industry is one of those spheres where manufacturing process involves a lot of people responsible for quite different production aspects. This application can obviously help automate working process and make the interaction among dealers, manufacturers and their customers more efficient. All the tasks related to your sales and marketing activities can easily be organized through this application. Automatically recurring to-do lists and activities are also generated so that no task are left unattended.

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MySQL (5.6.37)

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PHP (5.5.38)


Customer Relationship Management solutions will undoubtedly develop system approach to customer relations. Instead of a general development, marketing and dealer teams get a big boost for improving their job and for increasing payoffs. With CRM system in automotive sphere one is likely to:

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Contact clients on the right time in the right place with a proposal the one can be interested in

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Plan further acts according to analytical data

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Change marketing activities on the base of analytical reports

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Improve processing data rate

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Remain aware of internal working process


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