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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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CSR activities undertaken by the company reflect the core values and achievements of how Spaculus does business as an employer, a software provider and a corporate citizen – a necessity that demands that Spaculus be trustworthy, an ethical business partner that customers can count on.

At Spaculus, we devote not only capital, but also services, manpower, expertise, and products for the success of CSR. We impart CSR understanding its depth and noble nature.

Corporate Social Responsibility gives rise to Social accountability by which a sense of duty grows towards the society.

Welfare activities like giving back to the society have always been close to the heart for Spaculus. With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we at Spaculus have undertaken activities to benefit and enrich the quality of life of the local community.

Spaculus has been committed to being a responsible corporate organization by initiating several local welfare programs since 2011.

CSR activities at Spaculus

Plant for the Planet

World Environment Day was celebrated at our Spaculus on the 5th of June, to bring awareness about the currently deteriorating environmental conditions and to do our bit to increase the green cover. An initiative was taken to donate plants to the general public and among our employees to support the cause.

Blood Donation Drive

Spaculus strongly vouches for this statement and stood by this cause, contributing towards a special blood donation camp conducted. Around 50 volunteers donated blood on 28th Jan 2015. Doctors emphasized the need for safe blood donation at the camp while highlighting the health benefits associated with regular blood donation.

Health Checkup Camp

Whole Staff participating in the Health Checkup procedure and received a personal health report card. A range of blood and anthropometric measures are taken and other health measures such as hearing or vision tests was included. All employees received a valuable coaching session with a health professional at the conclusion there assessment.

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