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There are certain applications that need an image and video analysis. We build applications with features that easily identify the objects, texts, scenes, facial expressions and also detect any inappropriate content. It also has the feature of analyzing and comparing faces for a variety of user verification, calculating the number of people and public safety use cases. We, at Spaculus, offer programming and software development services related to Face Recognition and Enhancement, Digital Image & Video processing & Analysis.

Face Recognition Software Development by Spaculus

Face Recognition is a technology of recognizing person’s face by a snapshot using the software. These type of softwares are being used in various industries, organizations, and individuals. Many organizations prefer this technology in order to prevent the integrity of the system. There are many uses of this software such as – setting up lock/unlock security, the privacy of restricted service area, prevent unwanted access of the mobile devices and many more.

Spaculus is a reputed IT firm that has expertise in building facial recognition application. We work on fulfilling the basic to advanced functional and operational requirements of the clients.

Key Features

Web and Mobile Development – Our Team has the expertise to develop face recognition web software or mobile applications for Android and iOS both.

Robust Technology - We make easier and highly competent facial recognition solutions to improve security system by eliminating fake and unauthorized access.

Smart and Fast Execution - The execution time is very quick and gives swift, intelligent and highly authoritative scan results in no time.

Multi-angle Face Scanning - A wide range of key angles are analysed that are supported by a wide range of changes in facial expressions and poses with great accuracy.

Accurate Authentication – The software captures apparent images at the rapid rate and revert highly authentic results of face recognition.

Image and Video Processing

Multimedia data in the form of audio, video or images have become an essential part of everyday life. Spaculus provides real-time image and video processing software development , a stream processing architecture with I/O expansion abilities.

Our specialized team has a significant experience in the design, analysis, development and application of image and video processing systems and algorithms. Our expertise mainly consists of developing custom algorithms for specialized tasks, analysis of miniature images, pattern recognition, medical imaging and signal processing, analysis of intellectual property relevant to image and video processing.

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.

Spaculus provides following services related to image and video processing

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Development of the custom algorithm

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Noise filtering and quality control

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Image segmentation and Pattern detection

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Tracking object in a video sequence

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Analysis, development and execution of different protocols for secure and efficient transmissions of the files

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Verification and validation

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Informative feature extraction

Contact us today and see how we can meet your application development needs. Have a rough idea or complex concept in your mind? Call +1-210-209-8360 or send an e-mail to info@spaculus.org

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