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Web Based Application To Manage Your Money

The system is specifically build for the financial organization to maintain multiple business accounts with multiple currencies. This system can manage accounts of various companies and their multiple users. Access to this application depends on the rights assigned to particular users (i.e. view, edit, create & delete). This system helps the user to manage the detailed inflow and outflow of currency in any account. Actual and budget data are also managed separately in this system. User can get the analytical representation of the cash flow also. Internal transfer of funds are also tracked by generating Transaction reports of various accounts. User also can export and import the financial data from this system. User can also take backup of the current data as well as restore the data.

Business Challenge

The main purpose behind developing this system is to manage large financial data in user friendly application. A company can easily monitor the inflow/outflow of money. The currency conversion is also properly managed to maintain all the records in a single currency.

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DotNet Framework 4.5.2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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MS SQL Server 2014


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Multiple currency support and easy automatic live currency conversion. Internal money transfer is easily done in various currencies without any changes

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Inflow (internal transfer, third patry payments, etc) and Outflow (internal transfer, third party payment) of money is easily tracked and reported

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Dashboard charts gives an graphical representation of all the Cash flows and transactions


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