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iPhone app development is rapidly growing and the most demanded mobile technology. The most of the mobile apps that are in the market cannot keep up with the quality of app and the requirement of end users. Spaculus can help you in designing the feature rich iOS mobile application to fulfil the business requirements. The ios software development kit helps developers in writing ios apps using programming languages, like Swift and Objective-C.

Object C is the programming language use by mobile app development companies for programming OS X and iOS. It provides object-situated capabilities and a dynamic runtime. It allow user to modify their apps according to their requirements with the ease of writing and understanding.

Benefits of Objective-C

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The dynamic nature allows you to construct advanced development tools.

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It has small syntax and easy to learn.

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It provides you the free access to Apple applications.

Swift is a general purpose and highly efficient programming language that has been developed by Apple for iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, tvOS and Linux. It supports real-time development for continuous integration by offering an easier way to maintain and improve the mobile application. It is an option to Objective-C language that employs modern programming language theory concepts with simpler syntax.

Benefits of Swift

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When writing repetitive statements, Swift requires less coding effort.

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The Dynamic libraries in Swift are directly uploaded to the memory.

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Due to its inline support for manipulating text strings and data, the swift code is less error prone.

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Swift provides various speed advantages as well during development.

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Swift is available in the most recent Xcode version.

Mobile business applications are used to get your work done effectively and efficiently. Spaculus is there to help you out in developing mobile applications as per your business requirements. We have experience in delivering robust application for different business solutions.

Advantages and features of iOS

Rootless security system

iOS comes with an advanced security system called rootless.

Home App for Home kit

iOS has a Home App that allows users to control Home Kit, users can turn their devices on or off from anywhere they want.

Smarter maps

With smarter maps you can find and book a table, ride a cab etc. directly.

Ability to delete built-in Apps

The latest version of iOS allows the users to delete the superfluous built-in Apps.

Integrated ios development solutions

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.

Why to choose Spaculus as iOS Development Company?

Spaculus has the most flexible and experienced team to work with. Our expert iOS team has designed and develop high quality of apps.

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Full Understating of application idea

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Expert iOS team

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Client Centric procedure

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User friendly interface

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High end development process

Send us an email at with your project details, or fill up a simple form by clicking on get in touch, or call us at +1-312-312-9643. Our sales team will get in touch with you!

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