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Build A Local Community & Share Your Interests, News & Businesses is a local social network which is developed to share and connect with people in the neighborhood. Anyone can join this community for free. Through Beckenham a member can find local people in the neighborhood with common interests. User can also search for a Baby & toddler Group or a local restaurant reviews. User can also chat with other registered users and share their views on a particular subject. Users are updated 24/7 regarding the events and new happening in the neighborhood. Users can exchange events and local news, from lost pets and school fetes to community clean-ups. User can also put up their belongings for sale and also can share the tips from fishing and computer skills to lawn mowers and recipes. Users can even offer a helping hand to other fellow neighbors and share their skills. Users can explore & discover more about local Beckenham community, user can find anything ranging from plumbers, book clubs, and road closures to food bank collections and campaigns to save local clubs. There is a huge wealth of knowledge right here on Beckenham doorstep.

Business Challenge

The main purpose of this project is to bring the local community together and can share the valuable details with each other. This project provides a chat facility within the community which proves very helpful. People can share the recent happening within their community, Users can post their ads for free from this system which is accessible to all the users.

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Register with Business account, prepare your business listing with images and information about product/services & go live. Let millions of people find about your company and this way you get lots of leads

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Get updates on the local area, churches, leisure restaurants, sports shops, service, etc. 24/7

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Post your business here and let people know what you do

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Share your views within the community

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Use our easy search to find something specific you are looking for

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Use our inbuilt chat and communicate with other

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Post ads for free and enhance your business

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Post and view Events & Blogs, review them


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