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Book A Hotel Using Online Mobile Based Application

Book a Hotel room or a Resort room just by pressing few buttons. This application is mostly used by the reception staff and Guests. Reception staff logs the Guest into the application. When the guest checks in, this will enable the system to know the Guests name and synchronize it with the corresponding tablet in the correct room. On successful login Guests will be able to use the hotels services on the TAG system in public areas within the hotel where a terminal has been installed. As soon as the guest enters the room, he/she will be automatically logged into the Home screen with a welcome note and the option to choose a language. The amenities and other information are easily available on finger tips. Just tap the service you want and get the relevant details of it.

Business Challenge

The main purpose to build this application is to cut down the expenses and time. Guest’s don’t need to call the operator and ask for room service and place their order, they can now directly place order from their assigned tablet and get the room service in few minutes. Hotel staff don’t have to explain their services and need to keep a physical copy of the service which they offer. Past and present history of Guests are securely maintained. This system helps to manage all the details regarding staff, hotel details, restaurant menus, spa-massage related services, pricing for all, places to visit, taxi, orders, expense reports like by user, by service, etc.

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Objective-C & Java

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PHP (5.6.32)

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SQL Server 2008 (4.3 .Net Framework)

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PayPal and Credit/Debit Card Payment System


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App allows user to request for room service directly from app. This request gets received at another app available at hotel staff side. Once the service gets fulfilled request order gets closed.

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User can directly check the hotel restaurant food menu with different category and sub categories and place order to be delivered at room or to be served at specific table after specific minutes. The same order will be received at app at restaurant manager who will process the order. User gets push notification on the iPad before 15 minutes of menu ordered gets ready. Notification will be pushed from the restaurant manager app.

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User can book spa, massage available within hotel using calendar of each of therapist and schedule for the treatment. User will get notification in app before 1 hour of scheduled time for reminding for the booking. Notification will be pushed from the hotel manager app

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User can browse different places to visit around the city/county and request for guide or more information. These data are preloaded from the hotel owner model in separate app

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User can browse special offers running around the hotel and nearby places. These data are managed from the hotel owner module in separate app

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User can dial a call directly to reception within app via calling third party integration of Skype for any guidelines or request

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User can browse different taxies and book for specific day and time as per his visit schedule. User gets push notification as the taxi arrives for pickup. Notification will be pushed from the hotel manager app

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User can browse his all expenses between date ranges as for all above extra services requested. User can also request for invoice for each or all together and request for print from hotel. This type of requests get received at separate app at reception

Project screenshots

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  • Hotel booking apps portfolio2
  • Hotel booking apps portfolio3
  • Hotel booking apps portfolio4
  • Hotel booking apps portfolio5
  • Hotel booking apps portfolio6
  • Hotel booking apps portfolio7
  • Hotel booking apps portfolio8

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