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Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the electronic translation of data into machine editable text. OCR can convert the most complex documents with speed and accuracy; the document can be converted into a new format. It can also convert the text embedded in digital photographs.

Basically, OCR is software that converts documents and images into digital files so that they can be stored and edited electronically later on. It is used in variety of industries as it helps businesses in replacing the time consumed by paper-based procedures with efficient electronic workflows.

Who benefits the most from OCR technology?

Optical character recognition software can be used in various industries including education, medicine and legal service industry.

The healthcare industry can be beneficial as the OCR application can help to convert the patient records into electronic data. This will help in easy transfer of information among healthcare providers and doctors to get patients update. Additional benefit of transcribing documents is securing the patient data electronically.

Similarly, in legal industry, it streamlines the workflows and conserves the time from the document discovery process. Digitalize file will also boost productivity as it eliminates the manual searching.

Optical Character Recognition

Key Features

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A Single Solution For All Document TypesThe software we build helps to speed up business processes and it also works with any kind of documents like invoices, proposals, contracts, registration forms etc.

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Ideal For Large CompaniesIn large companies, the complex documentation can be processed and managed easily in multiple languages.

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Intelligent Document Recognition And Data ExtractionOCR software developed by our team of experts has an intelligent document recognition and data extraction. It recognizes various patterns and provide the accurate result.

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Automated Indexing And ArchivingExtracted data is automatically indexed and archived with high speed and accuracy.

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Why Choose Spaculus for OCR Software Development?

The professional team of Spaculus has a comprehensive understanding of OCR software and it will make beneficial association for your business. The software include multi-font recognition along with distributed cloud deployment to prevent data from loss in case of system failure that will ensure that your company can safely process a variety of documents.

Developing OCR software will let you focus on your business without having any worries related to your data entry workload.

If you like to develop the OCR software for your business then contact us at +1-312-312-9643 or drop us a mail We will get in touch with you soon!

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