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A Web Based Application To Boost Your Finance

This application is basically meant for the financial organizations who caters their clients with the best possible advice to invest their savings. Then main processes followed in this application is Marketing, Prospects, Pipeline and Servicing. The service provider calls a client and offers their financial service if client is interested then service provider can fix up a meeting with the prospect for further process. When the client agrees to take services from the service provider then all the details are gathered from the client. After gathering all the information service provider proposes the best suitable scheme to the client to invest the money which can fetch good returns. Using this application the service provider can manage the details regarding the funds and analyze them for future use. This system can help to draw out the forecast about the finances invested by the existing clients.

Business Challenge

The main purpose behind developing this system is to manage the financial data of the client in a highly secure application. This system have an appointment calendar where all the appointments are being booked. This application also helps the advisor to calculate income, taxes, pensions, etc. for the clients. This system can calculate the investment returns on the funds invested by clients. This system can also forecast the financial position of the individual over certain years, this helps the client to plan their future spending.

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MS SQL Server 2014


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Follows a specific sales process for leads. As a result, leads are now properly captured and validated prior to being processed further. The entire sales cycle has become a repeatable process that enables Alfa financial to operate as efficiently as possible while nurturing every viable lead through the pipeline

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Agent can prioritize follow-up calls to the contacts enabling a higher rate of success depending on the response from the leads

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Forecasts accurate financial data for the client

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Easy to send invitation and warm letters to the clients and prospects

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Process merchant applications faster and easier with turbo forms and a cleaner user interface


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