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A server side scripting language which permits users to create dynamic web pages and applications. PHP has some great open-source web development frameworks. Creating complex websites or applications is much easier and quicker with PHP. It supports all the popular databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Informix and PostgreSQL, etc. PHP frameworks have excellent compatibility as it can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X without limitations. Nowadays, many popular social media platforms and services, like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Wikipedia, etc. are developed based on PHP web development. There are number of web applications such as ecommerce apps, B2B and B2C apps which can be designed using this technology.


A leading open source PHP application development framework. CodeIgniter offers rich set of inbuilt libraries which reduces the time of writing complex codes from the start. This helps the developer to build websites quickly and easily.


An open-source PHP framework used for the web application development and follows the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural platform. There are many features of Laravel like multiple ways to access the relational database, modular packaging system, utilities for application deployment and maintenance, etc.


Is an open source MVC framework in PHP and it is preferred by many developers because of its simple, fast and effective development methods. Developers can create robust and secure web applications using CakePHP framework.


Benefits of PHP frameworks

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Beautiful Templating

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Application Logic

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Unique Web Design

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Secure PHP Development

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Post Development, PHP Support

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Professional PHP Development

Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development

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Extensive database support

This language supports popular databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and many more. The script of PHP can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

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PHP scripting language provides you scalability by letting you to increase the size of your cluster. With the increase in the project, you can add servers accordingly.

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It can run with other software without getting slow and making the other process slow.

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Open Source

PHP is an open source language which offers solutions for all the website development needs.

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Being free and open source language, it provides many extensions.

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User friendly

PHP is simple to understand and use. It is widely used for the web application that requires more functionality and minimum coding.

Integrated PHP development solutions

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