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For Building a quality product in less time, several facets must be conceptualized and executed seamlessly. Arriving at a robust architecture, identifying the required unique set of features and choosing an appropriate technology are the most critical milestones, a product development company faces.

Spaculus is a full-service product development company in India, helping clients build the capabilities they need for profitable growth. We are accustomed to working in fast-paced environments, using our diverse technical expertise to reduce time-to-market and cross-functional approach.

We offer a tailor-made product engineering services across the product development life-cycle, right from consultation and application development to technology re-engineering and product support.

Our Product Development Lifecycle:

1) Prototyping: After optimizing and analyzing the Client’s requirements, we develop a prototype of the development process. A prototype is a structured format of the working processes that are to be incorporated in actual product development processes. Our prototyping services ensure minimized development risks and forecast investments. At Spaculus, we will deliver static mock-ups and designed interfaces, considering your future scalability.

2) Product Development: We will identify emerging trends and understand market requirements while creating a product that will add value to your customers. Our product management team will help translate these insights into innovations and help you gain a competitive advantage.

3) Product Testing: Our team of Quality Assurance, assures that the product hits the market with full functionalities and performance. We make sure that the product is scalable, reliable and secure. Our testing approaches are, Validation Testing, Load & Performance Testing, System Testing, Functionality & Crash Testing.

4) Product Support: Our continuous maintenance and support confirms your product be the latest and greatest in the market. Our qualified support team is empowered with the latest industry trends and technology tools that ensures a full-functional market-ready product.

Product development

Benefits of partnering with Spaculus:

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Innovative product development methodologies from visualizing to development

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Simultaneously develop multiple product versions ensuring Greater bandwidth

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Including greater functionality at tighter deadlines

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Re-engineering products to new technology platforms

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Enabling the client to develop process mastery

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Promoting innovation

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Providing complete control and transparency

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.

Whether it is a single stage of the product development cycle, taking end-to-end ownership or re-engineering of existing products to new platforms and technologies, Spaculus will help you achieve what you desire. Our solutions are developed considering the latest technologies and proprietary methodologies with a best-in-class team of experts spanning various industry domains.

You can count on us for your product development needs!

Get a quote, Call +1-323-250-0506 today!

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