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A Mobile Application Used For Communication Within A Corporate Premises

ECSG Chat App is live chat messenger mainly build for using in big organizations as a medium of internal communication system. One to One chat and multiple groups can be created as per the requirements for various departments. Using this chat system user can send and receive text and video messages. User can see the list of all the users inside the group only which are being added by admin and User listing gets sorted based on latest message sent by recipient.

Business Challenge

A large number of people are connected to their smart phones and this has proved to be the preferred method for instant communication in personal as well as professional life. But, when it comes to the communication within a corporate premises, it is difficult to maintain the decorum of the firm because there is no administrative control over certain things. For instance, the company cannot see whom their employees are talking to or the messages they exchange. Nor they can check whether the exchanged messages are truly professional or private. Sometimes, this leads to cumbersome situation. Hence, using right internal communication app is essential.

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XMPP Framework with objective-C, Smack Framework with Java

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Node.js, ejabberd, AngularJS, CSS, Strophe.js, MySQL


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Group Chat helps user to chat with other members simultaneously

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Push notification for new message are available

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Users can send Offline Messages to other users

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Users can share Images and video files

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Users can enjoy video calling see and talk with the near and dear ones

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This application also shows indicator who are online

Project Screenshots

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  • Ecsg portfolio2
  • Ecsg portfolio3
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  • Ecsg portfolio5
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