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Counseling Web Application To Schedule And Manage Student's Appointment

GoCounselor system was created to facilitate the school counselors to manage their appointments and schedules in proper manner without doing painful paperwork and stressful administrative tasks. This is a useful system for managing huge data regarding the students and their counseling program.

Business Challenge

GoCounselor Management software is an integrated system for managing scheduling, notes and time management. Here counselor can focus and highlight on what is really important, for the students who are at first priority. Counselor can register new students from this system and can set appointments with them for further consultations. Counselor can maintain their To-do list by inserting data and setting a reminder notification for the same. Counselor can set categories and specific resource as per their specializations. Counselors can send emails to other counselors regarding their Affiliation program and can enjoy one month free subscription.

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MySQL (5.0.11)

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PHP (5.5.38)

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PayPal Payment Gateway, Google Calendar Sync API, Outlook Calendar Sync API


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GoCounselor provides access calendar from anywhere. Schedule recurring appointments and meetings for counselors. Color codes helps you to easily identify which appointments are booked. Filter calendar by service type, day, week, month and more!

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Information is power. Know how much of each service generate, Amazing dashboard showing great graphics. Export all your data to Excel, PDF and other formats

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Intuitive and easy student scheduling and note taking. Extensive student documentation information. Upload Student's files. No Storage limit. Student specific analytic with great graphics

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Make automatic text remainders to you and your students. Immediate dashboard and email notifications of cancellations or reschedules

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GoCounselor includes a custom form builder that allows you to design your own custom form

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Use a powerful integrated To Do List completely intuitive and integrated with your calendar

Project Screenshots

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