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Mobile Application To Bring People Together On A Social Platform

This application is basically a social sharing tool used to communicate with people around you or inside the network if they are in other countries with highest level of privacy you could imagine. This application also provides a feature of live steaming and chatting. User also gets the facility of wall post where other users can like it and post their comments. User can share the recorded videos with each other.

Business Challenge

The main purpose of this application is to bring people together on a social platform with some fancy functionalities implemented in it. The main feature is the live streaming, user can share his/her live feed with other users and you get the feedback in the form of live chat. Other main feature of this application is wall posting, images and videos uploads. These can which can be shared with other registered users.

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Objective-C & Java

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MySQL (5.6.37)

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PHP (5.6.32)

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Wowza Streaming Engine, FFmpeg Video Conversion


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Experience a multi lingual social sharing app

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Enjoy the un-interrupted live streaming and talk to your near and dear ones

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Easy uploading of Images and Videos and share your comments on them

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Do un-interrupted chatting with your friends and family

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Submit your wall posts and share with other. All secured

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Share emoticons to share your mood with others

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Update your profile photos from time to time

Project Screenshots

  • Breety Apps portfolio1
  • Breety Apps portfolio2
  • Breety Apps portfolio3
  • Breety Apps portfolio4
  • Breety Apps portfolio5
  • Breety Apps portfolio6
  • Breety Apps portfolio7
  • Breety Apps portfolio8

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