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Social Networking Web App To Share Your Interests And Views Publicly & Privately

GoodBoater is a Social sharing system, where user can find new friends having common interests. Here user can share his/her views and share the photos and videos. User can share the views publically and privately too. The posts are visible for 24 hours and are automatically removed. Registered users can share details regarding cheap gas, good restaurants, etc. User can check the weather, destination details and routes by using the maps which are integrated within system. User can send messages to other crew members. User can upgrade the ranks by completing ranking activates. User can view the details of his crew along with their requests.

Business Challenge

This system is developed to facilitate the users who socialize a lot online, here users can make friend with other users having common interests. They can share their views on a particular topic and can post their views privately and publicly along with videos and photos. User can invite other users on a sail trip for a particular location by sharing the details of the destination along with the photo graphs. They can also share details for the stops which they will make in between the journey.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

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MySQL (5.0.11)

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PHP (5.5.38)

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PayPal Payment Gateway, Weather API


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Armature sailors, this is the best platform for you to socialize

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Find friends who share common interests with you and stay connected through messaging facility

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Your recent updates like photos and topics helps your friends to locate you easily

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Share common interest topics like best place to dine, cheap fuel, sailing accessories, etc

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Answer few questions and earn free coupons on successful completion

Project Screenshots

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