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Manage Multiple Tasks Systematically Just With A Web Application

Tehseen Management System was developed to facilitate the users working in firms where multiple tasks needs to be managed at a same time. The system also helps all types of users ranging from administrator to the users to manage their respective tasks systematically. Everyone within the system can easily monitor the progress on all tasks. This system also helps the management to track the work done by the users at the mid and lower level. Managers can easily maintain and assign tasks to their work force and can easily shuffle the resource where ever required.

Business Challenge

The main purpose for building this project was to manage the multiple tasks systematically. This system has a facility to track all the details of the assigned tasks (i.e. administrator or manager can track the estimated time, actual time assigned user, Priority, deadline date, scheduled date, task type and Status of the task).

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

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MySQL (5.0.11)

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PHP (5.5.38)


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Automate and streamline your tasks to assign, prioritize, or manage in order to be more productive

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This software allows you to create and customize your own workflow to suit your business needs.

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It offers scalability, which means the software grows with your business. It provides you the control, convenience, and cost savings you need to stay ahead of your competitors

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You can track every minute and dollar spent on project activities. With real- time tracking and monitoring

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Our built-in communication tool that help you stay constantly connected with your team members

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A two-way communication channel and encouraging team members to share their problems enables you and your team to work cohesively, avoiding communication gaps that can lead to misunderstandings and failed projects

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Team members can access it anytime and anywhere with an Internet-connected device, so everyone can easily stay updated regardless of their physical location

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This software provides security features that enable you to restrict access and protect sensitive information

Project Screenshots

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