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A workplace is specifically designed to prepare Executives, Senior Managers and Human Resource professionals for the mega trends impacting how an organization will source, develop & engage talent.

The Spaculus Workspace Centre has been established as a premier office space, supporting organizations to achieve excellence and be prepared for the rapid changes at a global level, and also the particular challenges within the regional business environment. Our solutions are focused towards unleashing collective capabilities that will create competitive advantages and produce unmatched business results.

Dedicated Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

A fully furnished office infrastructure Workspace customized around corporate brand identity with a flexible and comprehensive range of services.

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Data protection and collaboration through state-of-the-art technology

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Secure, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure

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Best in class hardware, software and networking capabilities

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On-demand support for scaling Talent Infrastructure

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In-house recruitment and Payroll Management services as and when required

Dedicated Offshore Development Team (ODT)

A team of resources handpicked with your processes, chosen by you. All resources will be on your payroll. You can also call them onsite to your office location without any extra charges.

Workspace Management


There are various services we offer along with optimizing operational effectiveness, capitalizing and sharing best practices with our clients.

At Spaculus, we facilitate tools for better collaboration by choosing a customized solution that suits you. This will bring flexibility and autonomy in your work processes. Take a look at below services:


Recruitment Human Resource In-House Travel Desk


Office Space , Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms


IT Support, Administration Support Premise Security Recreation


Receptionist with Loung Area, Pantry Service, Janitor Services Telephony & IT communications

You Have A Vision. We Have A Way To Get You There.


Workspace management services at Spaculus enables an all-in-one approach that offers a user-friendly experience and helps in reducing the costs for the enterprise.

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We maximize end user productivity by providing everything you need in order to complete the tasks in the most productive manner.

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Sitting in a room surrounded by a group of skilled professionals from a variety of fields motivate to grow your business and increase business outputs.

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Our co-working space allow for easy networking and often leading to a secured new business.

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Fully furnished office space with phones, internet and other utilities. Conference rooms with ‘plug and play' capabilities.

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Reduce your outsourcing cost by half with our Workspace & Talent management services.

Start Improving Your User Experience Today

As our client, you get the maximum amount of advantage from property solutions that not only reduce the overall cost and risk but also improve the productivity and manage your space. Whatever the size or location of your business is, Spaculus is happy to provide you a custom-made solution, tailored geographically, workspace type, and desired outcomes. Contact our team at +1-323-250-0506 or send in your requirements via mail at!

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